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why honest roots?

Honest Roots, formerly known as Michi's, is embarking on a transformative journey, turning a decade of culinary expertise into a space dedicated to providing nutritious and balanced options while expanding its legacy to embrace a broader community.


Michi's, renowned for its healthy food, has undergone a profound evolution and is now rooted in a renewed dedication to authenticity, well-being, and a sense of belonging.


Our menu stands out for its fresh and sustainable approach, incorporating high-quality ingredients and locally sourced products. This culinary philosophy reflects the founder's vision when Michelle Posada, a passionate advocate for a healthy lifestyle, opened Michi's doors. It was more than just a place to eat; it was a dream come true for a woman determined to share her philosophy with the world.


As the years passed, Michelle's personal and cultural evolution, led her to a new chapter. Blending her Latin heritage with the influence of her American husband, Nathan, Honest Roots was born – a restaurant concept that preserves the essence of mindful eating and love for good food with an elevated experience for their customers.


Inspired by the honest roots of the Winship family and the experience gained over the years, Honest Roots is a tribute to passion, family, and authenticity offering a unique culinary experience. In every dish and every smile, you'll find the legacy of a woman who believed in the magic of starting from the roots and growing with honesty and passion.

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The faces behind the flavor


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