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“Authenticity meets flavor, starting from the roots and growing with honesty and passion”


At Honest Roots, our mission is to redefine dining, creating wholesome dishes with authenticity and flavor. Committed to nourishing the body and soul, we celebrate a decade of community connections through real, farm-to-table creations, providing an elevated culinary experience. Our focus revolves around trust, authenticity, and ensuring that you as our guests, can leave happier than when you arrived.

From farm to table


Inspired by the roots of the Winship family and the experience that Michelle gained over the years, Honest Roots is a tribute to passion, family, and authenticity offering a unique culinary experience.

Our menu stands out for its fresh and sustainable approach, incorporating high-quality ingredients and locally sourced products. 

In every dish and every smile, you'll find the legacy of a woman who believed in the magic of starting from the roots and growing with honesty and passion.

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Michelle Posada, the visionary behind Honest Roots, is known for her diverse expertise as a podcaster, influencer, chef, author, speaker, and entrepreneur. Her journey began with the founding of Michis, a landmark restaurant in Doral, where her passion for culinary excellence first took root.

As the dynamic host of the popular Spanish motherhood podcast "More than Mamis" and the author of the bestselling book "En La Cocina con Michi," Michelle has captivated audiences worldwide with her insights into motherhood, lifestyle, beauty, fashion, and family.

With a decade-long journey in content creation, Michelle has established herself as a role model for women in the USA and Latin America. Her inspiring narrative has graced the pages of People, Forbes, CNN, Univision, Telemundo, and other prestigious publications.

Now, Michelle brings her wealth of culinary experience and her commitment to authentic, nutritious cuisine to Honest Roots. Formerly known as Michis, Honest Roots represents a transformative evolution, embodying Michelle's dedication to wellness, community, and the art of honest cooking.

At Honest Roots, Michelle's vision for balanced nutrition and delicious food shines through in every dish. Her commitment to excellence and her roots in the vibrant culinary scene of Doral make Honest Roots a destination for those seeking an unforgettable dining experience.


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